Leica Disto Family

Leica Disto Family

Designing the next generation of the Leica Disto Family

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Leica Geosystems 2014-2017
neomind Leica Disto Family

The Leica Disto Family consists of a range of devices destined for varying target groups and user scenarios. Asked to develop several new designs for different laser distance metres, Neomind was presented with the challenge to create an overarching design narrative in order to achieve a family character.

Refining recurring design elements as well as the CMF-concept, the new design language strongly reperesents Leica as a brand yet still provides enough flexibility for the designs to range from consumer style entry device to heavy duty instrument for highly professional use.

To complete the holistic user experience of the Disto Family, Neomind not only created the industrial design of the devices but also provided support for the development of the user interface of the Distos X3 and X4.