SOB Re-Design

SOB Re-Design

Transforming the travel experience in south-east-bavaria.

  • Mobility
  • Communication
SOB 2018-2022
neomind SOB Redesign

The Challenge

Based on ideas from the development of Ideenzug Regio, Südostbayernbahn decided to modernize one of their car bodies and create a whole new travel experience between Munich and Mühldorf. The redesign contains nine different areas, such as office cabins to work in privacy, lounge and panoramic seats, family areas with special seating solutions for children and light weight seats for better energy efficiency. Furthermore the train includes a holistic passenger information system with live information concerning the route and stations, area overviews for orientation, utilization indicators and infotainment with weather forecast and news.

Neomind supported the SOB during the whole process of selecting areas from Ideenzug, arranging these and helping engineers to transfer the design into a viable and feasible interior.