Ideenzug Regio

Ideenzug Regio

Creating the future of regional travel

  • Mobility
DB & SOB 2016-2018
neomind DB IdeenzugRegio

The Challenge

Why should people use trains, once autonomous capsules not only offer mobility but also enable use of time? How can we experience new ideas for train interiors without having to deal with a long and expensive process of development, engineering and authorization? How can we reinvent the train-travel-experience of different user groups?

Together with Deutsche Bahn and Südostbayernbahn, Neomind created the Ideenzug Regio. A double decker train that contains 22 modules, each one addressing different user-groups and containing diverse user-centered innovations. These range from power napping compartments to lounge-areas, public viewing spaces and even sport cabins. The Ideenzug transformed into a platform that is worldwide unique in it’s approach to generate, test and learn about different user-scenarios in collaboration with stakeholders and passenger groups. Thanks to the project there has been a boost of innovation in the branch of railway and many ideas have made their way into other projects, such as modernizations or even the procurement of new fleets.