We understand the language of engineers as well as the marketing experts


NEOMIND sup­ports you throug­hout the ent­ire pro­duct deve­lop­ment pro­cess, from the initial idea to the suc­cess­ful launch of a sophisti­ca­ted design. Our expe­ri­en­ces from dif­fe­rent fields will help us con­side­ring aes­the­tic, ergo­no­mic, tech­ni­cal, eco­no­mic and cul­tu­ral aspects to find solu­ti­ons for the expec­ta­ti­ons and cust­o­mer requirements.


The incre­a­sing capa­bi­lity of gra­phic user inter­faces rai­ses the import­ance for clear and con­cise struc­tures to improve the usa­bi­lity of acces­si­bi­lity. We offer a holistic solu­tion for the pro­duct, crea­ted with an aes­the­tic and user-friendly UI design to achieve its desi­red appealing character.


We under­stand to pre­sent com­pa­nies, insti­tu­ti­ons and orga­niza­ti­ons by crea­ting designs for logos, trade­marks and busi­ness cor­re­spon­dence. Our crea­ti­vity and empa­thy will improve the impres­sion of your company.


How is your com­pany rep­re­sen­ted? How does the cust­o­mer see you? With pro­duct and brand con­sul­ting, we shape your port­fo­lio to send your com­pany in a pro­mi­sing future!


Before desi­gning a pro­duct, you have to know the requi­re­ments and expec­ta­ti­ons of the users. We watch for you mar­ket environ­ments, study groups about your needs and ana­lyse back­grounds of cul­tu­ral and artistic trends.


Wit­hin a pro­duct deve­lop­ment pro­cess, it is import­ant to all invol­ved per­sons and com­pa­nies to holisti­cally orga­nize. We help you to keep track, coor­di­nate com­mu­ni­ca­tion bet­ween the par­ties and the dif­fe­rent tasks to reach the next miles­tone and achieve the pro­ject goal.


A glo­bal mar­ket offers many oppor­tu­nities – with our natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal net­work in the areas of deve­lop­ment, pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion, we find the right con­tact for your project.


Only the comprehensive consideration of all aspects of user-interaction with the company, service or product provides perfect user experience and meets the expectations before, during and after the actual use. We help you to develop a clear message, appealing design, brand-trust and fun to use.